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Do more than just blog!

Ironically this blog is about doing more than just blogs with you content marketing. There are loads of interesting and exciting ways that you can create engaging and shareable content with minimal effort. Videos When producing a blog or news piece, why not create a video of the same post. Remember that YouTube is a […]

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The Importance of Google Plus

Google Plus is a social network that is often overlooked by businesses and general internet users. There is a lot of confusion as to what it does and the common thing that I hear from businesses is, ‘I don’t use it, I don’t know anyone that does so I won’t use it for my business’. […]

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What is SEO and how does it affect my business?

SEO or “search engine optimization.” Is the process of attracting traffic organically from search results on search engines for example Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Your ‘ranking’, or where your website appears on these search engines, is attributed to many factors. The closer to the top of the search engine page your website ranks generally is […]


I love Sam and his work. He has excellent knowledge of digital marketing and his talk was extremely practical and gave me huge insights into how LinkedIn could help me promote my business. Highly recommended!

Adelina Chalmers

Rhyse Ayres was amazing at the Digital Marketing Strategy workshop I attended recently. He encouraged the group to ask questions and gave us examples of organisations he has worked with as well as his own personal experiences. He managed being professional and light hearted all at the same time. He also suggested we contact him if we have any problems. I have alreaady done this and he promptly replied with the answer to my query. I could not ask for more. Thanks vey much to Rhyse and Digital Clicks.

Pauline Matthews

Attended a workshop on digital marketing led by Sam Haddadi of Digital Clicks. The audience was a tricky one as the level of experience varied significantly yet Sam clearly managed to ensure that everyone’s needs and questions were addressed. I came away thinking that AGRIinsight most certainly will be able to make great use of Digital Clicks’ services in the near future.

Hamish Drewry

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