6 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

6 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness

Do you want your business to be noticed in today’s day and age? With the everchanging media platforms and forms of communication, it can be difficult to know where to start, when it comes to getting your business out there. It’s all about targeting your audience and seizing their attention. But, then how do you transform this into sales?

Follow these steps in improving brand awareness for your business and start to see your client list mature.


1. Launch a PR Campaign

Gaining press coverage is essentially free advertising, but its actually better than that. Editorial has more credibility which in turn, is more likely to convince potential clients/customers to check you out. The hard part is coming up with a newsworthy angle, this all depends on whether you are aiming to target national or local media, TV, radio or print.

Possibly, you have a personal story of how your business came about, maybe you’ve launched a unique product? If you really struggle with finding newsworthy info, you can conduct surveys on your niche and publish the results.

Another top tip is search for the hashtags #pressrequest #journorequest




2. Use the Same Logo, Colours and Fonts in all Present and Future Marketing

Consistency is key. For example, when we see the simple two yellow arches, the company McDonald’s is already in our heads. Streamlining all your materials throughout all media platforms allows your target audience to recognise you easily by a simple logo or colour them no matter what they are browsing on.


3. Join Forces

There’s power in numbers – If you can identify with other businesses, targeting the same company but not going head to head, there’s an opportunity to come together for mutual benefit.

For example – Say your business is in Floristry you could offer a discount for a local bridal shop. It’s a great way to attract new customers, and for your partner, it’s a great way to attract and reward customers with virtually no effort involved.


4. Increase your Content Output

If your looking to increase your brand awareness, regularly producing content is key.

Link your newsletter to your website to allow your clientele connect with you on several platforms. Create a Blog, write articles, give your audience a reason to spend more time with your business. This method increases site traffic, humanizes your brand and builds authority in your brand.


5. Take to Social Media

Social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram and so on, offer businesses an opportunity to promote themselves, build their brand and their target audience free-of-charge.

Finding the time to feed your profiles and blogs can be tough, but if you are going to delve into this type of promotion, you need to make sure you’re active – this involves posting every day if not more. But what to write about? Knowledge of a particular area can gain a large following, but also comment and engage with the latest topics and trends on social media., this will engage your audience.

Don’t forget you need to talk to others to expand your following. people like to know there is someone behind that profile – a human, they can engage with. This involves responding to comments on your pages swiftly and engaging in followers conversation. Witty replies from the likes of Tesco captures the attention from followers.


6. Use the Force of Video

Video marketing has continued to rise in popularity, and the statistics are there to prove it. Facebook Live is now reportedly at 8 billion views daily, surpassing Youtubes 5 million views a day.

With this kind of following video content it collecting, it is almost certain if you release a video, someone will be watching it. Other social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, are battling to keep up with the Facebook and Youtube. They are giving more importance to video as a format on their site, this gives your business a chance to grow using this kind of content.