Do more than just blog!

Do more than just blog!

Ironically this blog is about doing more than just blogs with you content marketing. There are loads of interesting and exciting ways that you can create engaging and shareable content with minimal effort.

When producing a blog or news piece, why not create a video of the same post. Remember that YouTube is a search engine in itself so placing content around titles that you think will be of interest to potential users using Google will also apply to YouTube. Most smart phones these days have HD cameras on them so ensure that you film in an area with good light and low background noises and you should be able to create an acceptable quality video. Both Microsoft and Apple provide free video editing software to allow you to add branding simply to you videos. Videos also come up in Google search results so they offer plenty of opportunity.

Infographics are graphical representations of data. Whilst these are images so the content is not crawlable by search engines, they are very digestable forms of content and are a lot more likely to be shared than standard blog posts. Depending on your sector you could make infographics highly statistical with very educated data or on the other hand you could make them fun using relevant but entertaining data. The stumbling block with infographics is generally design. There are loads of tools you can use online to create great infographics quickly and effectively. Some charge a small fee but well worth it.

FAQ Pages
So often we see websites without FAQ pages, seems obvious to have one but most sites don’t. Think about the questions that get asked regularly, write them all down along with the answers and you have yourself an FAQ page. These questions may also be useful for your social media activities.

Using audio, e.g. soundcloud and podcasts can be another great type of content and a way of demonstrating to Google the use multiple forms of media. Again, audio is very digestible, something that can be consumed in the car, on a train or at the gym. Audio guides, advise, suggestions etc are great ways of connecting with your users on a different level and in a different environment (away from a computer screen). Something to consider!