Must Download Chrome Extensions

Must Download Chrome Extensions



Google Chrome is already pretty neat. But there are lots of ways it allows you to make it even better – adding extensions for example.
Chrome extensions are essentially small ‘Apps’ that can be found on the Chrome web store, add an extra feature to your browser, whether it be assisting with web development or creating your own avatar with Bitmoji.

These tiny wonders are located on the right-hand side of your browser which can be managed by clicking “more tools” then “extensions” in the menu icon.

Here are 5 Google chrome extensions that we love the most when it comes to digital marketing.




HootSuite is a web-based social media management tool that you can access on your web browser or as a chrome extension. It allows users to schedule and post to any profile or page for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin and other platforms from one place.

It has a dedicated section for analytical reports and click summaries, which works with both Google Analytics and Facebook Insights – An essential tool for marketers presenting campaign numbers to clients.

Although Hootsuite has a free option, Hootsuite pro isn’t exactly expensive, priced at $16 a month in our opinion it’s very much worth it! However, if you’re unsure, there is a 30 day free trial of Hootsuite pro. We use Hootsuite when managing clients and our own social media platforms, and it makes everything considerably simpler.




I’m not sure what we’d do without this little gem on our browsers. It helps you create and perfect sentences, emails, articles and any body of writing you produce.

It displays your grammar errors or simple spelling mistakes. Nearly everywhere this clever friend will check your writing, and for websites not compatible, it has a web platform for you to paste your body of text into.

Of course, like most apps & extensions it has a premium option. For $11.66 a month Grammarly premium detects everything from weak vocabulary to plagiarism and contextual errors, but we find the free version enough. Install.

Google Tag Assistant


Google can be all kinds of useful and Google Tag Assistant is a prime example of this. This simple to use chrome extension allows you to check all of your google tags including analytics code, structured data, remarketing code and much more.

This handy plug-in seems basic at first, but one of our favourite Geek- worthy features of google tag assist is the “Record” button. Located at the bottom left side is a guiltless little record button, push this and navigate through your site and you will be astounded at what google tag assist will find. Explore tag assist now.




Our list ends with Gorgias. A great Chrome extension to save your email templates. In a job like digital marketing, you will most likely find yourself answering the same questions to various clients or maybe even copying and pasting old responses.

Gorgias allows you to save your response in shortcode, now everytime you respond to an email and you have a suitable template simply type your keyword and click the tab button and bingo! We have found this saves a lot of time and it allows you to even share your templates with others!