What is SEO and how does it affect my business?

What is SEO and how does it affect my business?

SEO or “search engine optimization.” Is the process of attracting traffic organically from search results on search engines for example Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Your ‘ranking’, or where your website appears on these search engines, is attributed to many factors. The closer to the top of the search engine page your website ranks generally is an indication to the amount of traffic it will receive from the search engine’s users.

From a business perspective it’s imperative to utilise this tool. If your business ranks organically ‘high up’ on the most popular search engines, It not only reduces the cost of PPC advertising and traditional advertising but also increases sales, leads and generally improves client base.

A high ranking will usually increase your market share and damage your competitors. However if you’ve not taken the time to optimize your website it could be your competitors taking your market share!

There are many techniques to improve your ranking. The search engines use algorithms to rank websites, which factor in the following:

One of the most important factor to consider is the quality of content. It must be unique, useful, captivating and to same quality you would use in a company brochure or when selling your business at presentation. Overall you should consider the users experience because this will be reflected in your rankings.

Keyword Research
After creating content to the highest standard the next important step to take is Keyword research. There are number of tools that will allow you to discover how people are searching for your content.

Content should reflect which search terms people are using in the keyword research.

Utilising Keywords Effectively
Once the keyword research process is complete it is important to revisit your content and enter the keywords in as frequently but appropriately.

New Content
It’s important to keep updating your website with new content. Blogs and news stories are good way to achieve this. New content will give your rankings a boost. However this ranking boost has a shelf life. If it’s not refreshed regularly your website will slide back down the rankings.

User Engagement
If your website has good content and is relevant and user friendly. You should be engaging your users. This is measured by how long people stay on your page, searching or posting comments. This will increase your ranking. However if you have a high ‘bounce rate’ where people are simply not absorbed in your content then this will in turn have an adverse effect.